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Goodbye ONBB. Hello Pardo Photo – Yay!

I am delighted to announce the start of a new era for me. In order to better serve clients and explore my own creative vision I have decided to leave ONBB and create a new brand – Pardo Photo. I am so excited to share the new work and of course highlight previous weddings and families I have photographed. I hope you will become a fan of Pardo Photo on Facebook (there are familiar faces there!)
and subsribe to my new blog
Thank you for referring me in the past to potential clients. Keep spreading the word!
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Reflections on another year gone by… family photos

Every March I choose 6 images that represent our family’s story from the previous year. I started this many years ago with the addition of our first baby – Zeus the most amazing Rotti that EVER lived – may he rest in peace. Anyway, with the addition of 2 kids, 2 more dogs and 3 rats (yes, we have pet rats 🙂 ) our story continues. Enjoy!

Riley’s First Day of 3rd Grade

We have all been there. The first day of school when you put on your coolest outfit and venture back into the world. Over the summer Riley had transformed from the girl who always wore pink to only wearing black and purple – she had declared herself “Goth”. I just looked up and thought, “Please help me.”

Riley Takes Flight

This swing hung in front of my Abuela’s (grandmother) house for over thirty years. When she moved last year it was the only thing I asked for. Now my kids are creating their own memories on the same swing. Isn’t it funny how a piece of plastic can be transformed into a family heirloom?

Ty Channels His Super Hero

Is it an innate trait that all boys believe they are super heroes? Ty certainly does. He is always jumping off things and I’m sure in his head he is scaling tall buildings in a single bound.

Spies with Cheerios Holsters

There are those moments when Riley and Ty get along so well that they create a magical sense of imagination in our home. On this particular occasion they had become spies complete with cool glasses, Nerf guns and Cheerios Holsters. I love Ty’s body language – it is obvious that he truly believed himself to be a spy.

Ty on the Fourth of July

Last summer we traveled to NJ for the Fourth of July. This was shot during a game of peek-a-boo with the flag.



Christmas Family Photo 2009

Every other year we do a full family photo for our Christmas cards… the WHOLE family, rats included. It is always a crazy photo shoot filled with wonderful moments (Moose almost ate the rats during this adventure!)

Some of these may be available as stock via or  I am represented by both agencies. Thanks for reading!


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Pets? Or Movie Night??

Ok so since Nicki and I love animals so much I am going to introduce mine since I am obsessed with them, and they are going to appear over and over and over in blog posts to come.

So both of the family cats are named after movies. Just a coincidence though…

After living in a pet-less home for 20 years I now have 2 cats and a dog. My dog came first. Her name is Akeyra she’s 3. She’s a Siberian Husky and she lives with my boyfriend Brandon most of the time. (Actually if you want to get technical there is a Japanese movie named Akira but that’s not why we named her that.) Post to come later with photos of her.

Next is Apollo, 2 year old, gray cat. And LeeLoo, 1 year old black and white/”tuxedo” cat.

Two years ago Emma (my sister) was at a friend’s house, it was night time and they heard a funny noise coming from outside. She opened the door and a flash a fur ran through the house  which made all of her friends scream at the top of their lungs! “GET THAT THING OUTTA HERE!!!!!”  This little furry thing scared by all the screaming ran right back out the door which was promptly slammed shut. Emma went back over and opened the door to find a little gray kitten staring up at her. The kitten came home with her, and despite the fight my father put up, the fuzzy little guy still lives with us.

Here are some of his baby pics. This was his first day with us.

He was reallllly little.

And realllly sleepy.

And reallllly cute!!!

Although Emma originally thought he was a girl and named him Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn, he lost that name when we found out he was a boy. He remained a nameless cat for about 3 days. We went through Rufus, which I still love, and Eeyore, Grover, James, Batman- my personal favorite, and probably about a million others before we landed on Apollo out of desperation and exhaustion. My dad being the cornball he is decided that “Apollo” was a great name for him, and that he was like the space shuttle Apollo 13- he had a rough start, he could have died, but ended up safe in the end. I like to pretend that he’s named after Apollo Creed because that’s a little less embarrassing.

He’s a lot bigger now.

Last spring Emma and I decided that Apollo needed a friend!  We searched at several shelters and finally went to the Animal Rescue League of Boston (at their Dedham site.) The place is awesome! It’s huge they had so much land complete with chickens and a goat. The people were very friendly, it was definitely the best place we had gone to. We found a little girl kitten. She came with all of her shots and she was already spayed.

She was even smaller than Apollo had been. It’s hard to tell from the photo but she was literally was the size of my hand.

She was so quiet and cute in her cage at the Rescue League. Once we got her home it was a different story, she didn’t stop running and she was hilarious! I decided that we were not going to have all the name drama we had with Apollo. A favorite movie in our house is The Fifth Element it is one of the only sci-fi movies that I like. I named her after the main character, LeeLoo. In a futuristic world she is the “supreme being” and helps to save the Earth.

Apollo wasn’t as happy as I thought he would be to see another cat in his house. But it didn’t take long for them to become best friends.

This was a couple days after LeeLoo came home. He was so much bigger than her, but she definitely was able to live up to her name. She’s a tough fighter.

Now their favorite thing to do is wrestle. The can both equally beat the crap out of the other.

After they wrestle they like to nap.

And they are best friends!

Another baby pic of Apollo.

He really likes the bathroom because he likes to drink out of the faucet. This is the tiled floor in front of the shower.

This is one of my favorites, I took it the other day.

LeeLoo is behind the curtain!

She does lots of silly things- Like sleeping in her bed in the strangest position possible.

She has really big ears. It has taken her awhile to grow into herself. Her eyes are also really big, so a lot of the time she looks really surprised for no reason. Because she is crazy and not really like a cat  (for many reasons including the fact that she likes to eat fruits and vegetables and that her feet are sooooo loud when she jumps and runs) she kind of reminded Emma and me of a kangaroo so then her nickname became LeeRoo, and now we usually just call her “Roo” or “The Roo.”

She was hiding behind the T.V. in this one.

So those are the cats for now, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them and the dog too.

Sophie and I were privileged enough to attend the first Inspire Boston conference  at the Colonial Inn in Concord MA and Lens Pro To Go. Two days filled with great images, great ideas and tons of camaraderie. I can’t wait for next year!

Here are some photos from the posing workshop with the the lovely Carla TenEyck.

Shout outs go to for providing fantastic inspiration and guidance.

Jen and Jerome Braga of for being amazing models!

Jennie Fresa Beauty for providing exceptional makeup.

The White Dress By The Shore  for providing gorgeous accessories.

Location provided by Lens Pro To Go

And of course none of this would have been possible had it not been for the fantastic experience had by all at Inspire Boston

Just look at that dress! This is my favorite from the dance sequence.

Sweeping her off her feet! Love it!

I LOVE this moment because you know THAT look is reserved only for him 🙂

Fantastic details! Headpiece and shawl provided by The White Dress by the Shore. Makeup by Jennie Fresa Beauty. Gorgeous!

I love the graphic elements in the backgrounds of this triptich.

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Calling all dog loving brides and grooms!

Sarah and Chad's wedding - their pup served as the ring bearer.

I love dogs… slobbery, stinky, 170lb hunks of animal who step on your toes just to get close to you kinds of dogs – love em. If I had owned a dog when I got married it most definately would have been in the wedding… no doubt about it. And YOU,  I know there are many of you out there who feel exactly the way I do. Your dog is your baby – of course he/she will be part of your big day! So, here is the call to all of you future brides, grooms and your pooches – let us photograph you! We’ll come running… treats in hand ;-)♥

Following are a few I WISH I had taken… enjoy!

Credit goes to the ladies at WhiteboxWeddings in N. Carolina - just great!

What a regal little guy! Shot by in Miami, FL.

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Mickey-Matic and Me

Ok so here it goes, my very first blog post ever. I guess I’ll start by introducing myself- I am Sophie of old new borrowed & blue photography. I haven’t always known that I wanted to be a photographer, but I did always know that photography was going to be a part of my life.

One Christmas my Aunt Laurie gave me the only present I remember getting as a child. I am pretty sure I was about 7 years old, which would have been 1992. I unwrapped a rectangular department store clothing box, probably Filene’s or something, expecting to find a homemade sweater and skirt set like the one she’d given me a couple of years before. My eyes widened as I looked down at a gift that I would have thought to be “too grown-up” for me—a purple camera!!!! With Mickey Mouse on it!!! It had a rectangular cartridge that you plugged into the top, with eight little flash bulbs that broke when you took a picture (I will admit there were a couple of times that I took a picture just to watch that bulb break.) Remembering this camera made me want to find some pictures of it. So I had to do some research, because unfortunately, at age 7 I didn’t have the foresight to take a picture of my camera… My search didn’t turn up much info, but this is what I did find out: it was a Kodak 110 film camera, called a Mickey-Matic (that apparently only came in pink and blue, but in my mind that camera will always be purple) and the flash is so rare that I was only able to find one picture of it.
Here’s what I found

After that, photography didn’t play a major role in my life, unless you count a period around the mid to late 90s when a family member accidentally left a Polaroid camera at my house. I couldn’t resist the chance to play with someone else’s  toy. The result? Some pretty ridiculous “photo shoots” featuring my younger sister, Emma, sporting a realllllly 90s outfit, something I can barely describe—a one-piece pantsuit-type thing… but it wasn’t pants… it was shorts and it buttoned up the front. I talked to my sister to ask her what she would call that outfit. She gave me the official fashion term: “a “floral, shorts jumper”—which looks as dumb as it sounds. Anyway, I took a series of pictures of Emma dancing around the kitchen to a realllly 90s group called Real McCoy (Their 3 hits in 1995 were “Run Away,” “Another Night,” and “Come and Get Your Love” )… I am crying from laughing so hard as I remember this. And we still have those pictures, and that CD is long gone but I’ll admit I now have those songs on my iPod…

Fast forward 9 years to senior year in high school, when I officially took a photo class and Nicki (Ms.Pardo) was my teacher. (And by the way, Nicki lied when she said that’s when she met me, I had definitely met her years before.) I won’t pretend that I was the best photo student, but I did bring her coffee every morning! ☺  Nicki was one of, if not, the best teacher I’ve ever had for any subject. She taught me pretty much everything I know about photography.

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The family photo shoot – ugh…


Controlled chaos thanks to Photoshop!

So every other year we do a full family photo – my husband, me, the kids and whatever animals we have at the time. This started out as a reasonable venture – the first time we did it we had a 3 month old and one dog who was very well-trained. Eight years later things have gotten a little more complicated… an 8-year-old who thinks she is the boss of everyone, a 4-year-old who hates being bossed around, a husband who has become jaded to my photo requests and 4 animals who are not even remotely trained (understandable since 2 of them are rats!)

I am happy to report that neither rat was eaten by either dog and my Photoshop skills were sufficient to pull this off. I love the result. Enjoy the sideshow which will take you through the 3 rounds of photos – Round 1- absent husband and a vomiting dog… Round 2- everyone was aggravated with me and my flash died… Round 3 resulted in all the viable parts for the final image.

Click on “view all images” to see the show.
Merry Merry!

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Introducing old new borrowed & blue photography

Old new borrowed & blue photography is made up of the dynamic duo Nicki Pardo and Sophie Browne. Sophie and I met a million years ago when she was just a senior in high school. I became her photo teacher, she graduated and became my babysitter, friend, confidante and business partner.

Truth be told weddings completely stressed me out before Sophie came along. I enjoyed them but there was SOOOO much pressure… With Sophie by my side weddings provide me with this amazing creative freedom  I have not found in any other work. After 12 years in this business I know that is a luxury not many experience. I am both grateful and inspired by our new business venture. I can’t wait to share our vision with you!

The image below was created at Annie and Walter’s wedding at Independence Harbor in Assonet MA

Annie’s hair was done at All About You Day Spa and Salon in Foxboro MA

bala abkdhsjhfjhfghbki

One of our favorite images.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!