Posted by: Nicki | December 16, 2009

The family photo shoot – ugh…


Controlled chaos thanks to Photoshop!

So every other year we do a full family photo – my husband, me, the kids and whatever animals we have at the time. This started out as a reasonable venture – the first time we did it we had a 3 month old and one dog who was very well-trained. Eight years later things have gotten a little more complicated… an 8-year-old who thinks she is the boss of everyone, a 4-year-old who hates being bossed around, a husband who has become jaded to my photo requests and 4 animals who are not even remotely trained (understandable since 2 of them are rats!)

I am happy to report that neither rat was eaten by either dog and my Photoshop skills were sufficient to pull this off. I love the result. Enjoy the sideshow which will take you through the 3 rounds of photos – Round 1- absent husband and a vomiting dog… Round 2- everyone was aggravated with me and my flash died… Round 3 resulted in all the viable parts for the final image.

Click on “view all images” to see the show.
Merry Merry!


  1. Just got the Christmas card and love it, but I love it even more seeing the behind the scenes experience! Amazing!

    I think 80s dance interlude was my favorite part, Riley!

  2. I love them all! It looks like it was great fun (despite the vomiting)!!

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