Posted by: Nicki | March 16, 2010

Reflections on another year gone by… family photos

Every March I choose 6 images that represent our family’s story from the previous year. I started this many years ago with the addition of our first baby – Zeus the most amazing Rotti that EVER lived – may he rest in peace. Anyway, with the addition of 2 kids, 2 more dogs and 3 rats (yes, we have pet rats 🙂 ) our story continues. Enjoy!

Riley’s First Day of 3rd Grade

We have all been there. The first day of school when you put on your coolest outfit and venture back into the world. Over the summer Riley had transformed from the girl who always wore pink to only wearing black and purple – she had declared herself “Goth”. I just looked up and thought, “Please help me.”

Riley Takes Flight

This swing hung in front of my Abuela’s (grandmother) house for over thirty years. When she moved last year it was the only thing I asked for. Now my kids are creating their own memories on the same swing. Isn’t it funny how a piece of plastic can be transformed into a family heirloom?

Ty Channels His Super Hero

Is it an innate trait that all boys believe they are super heroes? Ty certainly does. He is always jumping off things and I’m sure in his head he is scaling tall buildings in a single bound.

Spies with Cheerios Holsters

There are those moments when Riley and Ty get along so well that they create a magical sense of imagination in our home. On this particular occasion they had become spies complete with cool glasses, Nerf guns and Cheerios Holsters. I love Ty’s body language – it is obvious that he truly believed himself to be a spy.

Ty on the Fourth of July

Last summer we traveled to NJ for the Fourth of July. This was shot during a game of peek-a-boo with the flag.



Christmas Family Photo 2009

Every other year we do a full family photo for our Christmas cards… the WHOLE family, rats included. It is always a crazy photo shoot filled with wonderful moments (Moose almost ate the rats during this adventure!)

Some of these may be available as stock via or  I am represented by both agencies. Thanks for reading!


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